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Slim Eye Pencil Black Brown

black brown

3 reviews

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    Pertegas garis mata Anda dengan warna coklat tua dari NYX Slim Eye Pencil hadir dengan berbagai pilihan nuansa warna. Memiliki tekstur creamy, awet serta tahan lama dengan pengaplikasian yang mudah dan water resistant.


    Mudah digunakan, mudah dibaurkan dengan kandungan minyak kelapa yang membuatnya sangat nyaman untuk digunakan.

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3 Ulasans

Hasil bagus, harga terjangkau

Slim eye line brown warna favorite semua orang. Hasil warna bagus, harga nya juga terjangkau..  Tambahkan eye pencil nyx black brown ini kedalam koleksi tata riasmu, dengan berbagai pilihan warna yang banyak

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Long Lasting Pencil Liner

I use pencil eyeliner on a daily basis because they're easy to put on and they last pretty long. This one is no exception. It's soft, easy to use and doesn't crumble easily (like some products do). When I'm layering to make a thicker look, it doesn't create clumps that can make me look like a total mess. It doesn't smear easily even when I wash my face with water. I purchase two of them at once because I know I will use it everyday. 

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Cheapy Cheap

Cheap price comes with quality is the definition of NYX itself. This pencil is so soft and creamy so you don't need extra effort to draw your eyebrow. You just need make it in a really thin line and brush it...the color is blending well with my eyebrows. I really love it...

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