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Mascara Volume Noir

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    Memangjangkan, menebalkan, dan memperindah mata anda juga menyehatkan bulu mata anda.


    Water base Mascara dengan free solvent dan formula yang meyehatkan, tidak merusak bulu mata, akan memanjangkan bulu mata 

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This mascara is a volume boosting type which really works for me. With the right method of application, it's very easy to get a super thick lashes. But if you're not good at handling mascara, you might easily mess it up because the formula is very thick and can get clumpy if you're not careful. The only downturn is it's not a waterproof formula so i can't use this daily, considering i have to wash my face every few hours to pray.

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Maskaranya bagus dan tidak menggumpal di mata, cepat kering kemasannya amat lucu, warna nya hijau dan eco friendly. Kemasannya yang cukup mungil cocok dibawa ke mana-mana. pertama kali pakai merek dan maskara Boho, semoga cocok. Terima kasih luxola 

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